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We build apps. We make games. We help others making games. But, Most of all, we love to build the future.

We believe in sharing success.

Of course, we are proud of our games and the heart-blood and creativity our team puts into every single title. But we equally love helping others to succeed.
With development and production services second to none.

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Embracing all Technologies

We develop in all major engines and for all major platforms. But did you know that we also develop for all industries and use cases? No matter if you have the next big or small game project at hands, motion capture requirements for your blockbuster movie, an educational App or simply an industrial visualization to deliver - we get the job done.

About Us


Everyone claims "we hire the best" - and we all know that´s often far from the truth. We take pride in hiring by ambition and potential. Partnering emerging talent and creatives with our seasoned team of industry veterans and subject matter experts enables us to deliver the best outcome - both for our own projects and those of our clients.

About Us


We love to entertain you - in 3D and 2D, VR and MR; on PC, Console and mobile!
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Featured news

Intr Studio is pleased to announce that one of the studio's projects, "Caretaker", has received pre-production funding from Screenwest. The project, a cozy space exploration simulator designed in collaboration with critically acclaimed illustrator and animator Tanya Beeson, is planned to go through pre-production in tQ1 2024 to prove it's unique approach to "gaming set in space".

Intr Studio Pty Ltd is excited to announce its acquisition of Homegrown Games, an esteemed independent video game development studio. This significant move, signed in June 2023 and now fully executed, signals a new era in Intr Studio's journey towards becoming a powerhouse in the gaming industry.

Intr's founder and Managing Director Caitlin Lomax took the stage twice during the AGDA Awards 2023 in Melbourne, winning both "Best Gameplay" for Moving Out 2 as Senior Producer and the personal Empower award.

Intr Studio is proud to support the trailblazing WA Games Week as a major sponsor and by developing the proprietary app available on Android and iOS.