Intr aquires Homegrown Games and Welcome's Director, Ivan Ertlov

Intr Studio Pty Ltd is excited to announce its acquisition of Homegrown Games, an esteemed independent video game development studio. This significant move, signed  in June 2023 and now fully executed, signals a new era in Intr Studio's journey towards becoming a powerhouse in the gaming industry.

Caitlin Lomax, founder and technical and managing director of Intr Studio Pty Ltd and the 2023 recipient of the prestigious AGDA Empower Award, oversees this strategic endeavour. Joining her in this exciting new chapter is Johann Ertl, founder of Homegrown Games and celebrated author under the pseudonym Ivan Ertlov, a winner of over 25 Game of the Year awards in the past two decades. Ivan Ertlov steps in as Creative and Production Director at IntrStudio Pty Ltd and label manager for Homegrown Games.

Homegrown Games, known for its work on successful titles like Painkiller, Into the Dark, Train Giant, and Medieval Dynasty, brings a valuable repository of games, concepts, and assets. This amalgamation with Intr Studio's expertise in VR and AR technologies opens up new vistas in game development and immersive experiences. In addition to the Homegrown Games' IPs and back catalogue, Intr Studio aquired the International publishing rights on 40+ books selling close to a million copies and winning both German and International awards, written by Ivan Ertlov and published by Homegrown Games.

Caitlin Lomax comments on the merger: "This is more than a merger; it's a fusion of creativity and technology. With Ivan's remarkable track record and our cutting-edge VR and AR capabilities, Intr Studio is poised to redefine gaming experiences. We're thrilled to offer our clients an even broader range of services, from narrative design to full-scale game development."