Caretaker recieves Pre-Production funding from Screenwest

Space exploration for everyone!

Intr Studio is pleased to announce that one of the studio's projects, "Caretaker", has received pre-production funding from Screenwest. The project, a cozy space exploration simulator designed in collaboration with critically acclaimed illustrator and animator Tanya Beeson, is planned to go through pre-production in tQ1 2024 to prove it's unique approach to "gaming set in space".

Leveraging calm and soothing animations, visuals, music and sound, Caretaker puts the player into the perspective of a benelovent AI managing space travels and space explorations for humanity, maintaining the ships, the wellbeing of the crews and ensuring the expeditions spanning more than a human's lifetime reach their destinations.

While embracing a cozy style and nonviolent gameplay, Caretaker takes pride in following the laws of physics and scientific principles, making the space exploration enjoyable, fun and educational at once.